The Crustacean Crawl allows guests the opportunity to see Kennebunkport by bike and try local lobster dishes in a new and unique way.

The Crawl begins with a ride to Port Lobster, where Chef will explain the essentials for selecting the perfect lobster while taking a stroll at the docks. A fresh lobster will be selected for the evening’s dishes. Next, Chef will guide guests through a lobster sampling of a few of the best of Kennebunk’s crustacean creations at his favorite local restaurants, including a tasting at Stripers Waterside Restaurant. The experience culminates with a full multi-course dinner in the acclaimed White Barn Inn Restaurant, featuring, of course, the fresh lobster of the day! The restaurant offers either a 4 course prix fixe dinner or 9 course tasting menu. The menu changes weekly, but you can get a sense of the style (which has many lobster options) by viewing this week’s menu online.

The entire tour will take about two hours and cover approximately six miles. The cost is $300 per person. The tour may also be taken via motor vehicle depending on weather and athletic ability.