Kennebunkport Festival

Luxury and culture combined…

The Kennebunkport Festival, an early summer fine food, art and wine festival in New England’s quintessential Southern Maine Coast village by the sea, invites you to celebrate the spectacular creativity and hospitality of Kennebunkport and Southern Maine’s artists and art galleries, chefs and fine restaurants, and historic and romantic bed and breakfast inns and hotels.

Kennebunkport, Maine, known for its stunning coastal beauty, gourmand restaurants, historic inns and the favorite summer residence of former United States President Bush, has long been Southern Maine’s most inspiring, artistic enclave.

The Kennebunkport Festival 2015 aims to celebrate arts in many forms, from watercolor paintings to sculptures… From the art of New England’s culinary excellence… to the art of American hospitality and inn-keeping. Come along for a weekend of exciting explorations of artistic senses, as a grand start to Kennebunkport’s summer festival season of arts…

Festival & The White Barn Inn

The White Barn Inn will offer an evening of culinary discovery under the stars that celebrates the cuisine of Grace Hotel’s global properties. Local seafood, farm-fresh vegetables, grilled and roasted meats, wines, cocktails, dancing and so much more. The culinary team will serve dishes al fresco and be ready to tell you about their origins, ingredients, and the perfect wine pairing..

Experience this remarkable event, Annual Kennebunkport Food and Wine Festival and discover the best of Kennebunkport Maine!

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