A trio of Maine beaches is Kennebunk Beach…

They stretch along Beach Avenue from the breakwater at the mouth of the Kennebunk River to Lord’s Point for 1 1/2 miles. Sidewalks extend the whole way for those interested in combining exercise and people watching. At the northern end, Gooch’s Beach, at 3346 feet long, is the largest stretch of talcum powder sand and waves…

Gooch’s Beach

A busy beach, Gooch’s has room for beachcombers, castle builders, body surfers, sun seekers, swimmers and skim boarders. If you walk to the north end, you can watch the parade of commercial and pleasure boats going past the jetty at the mouth of the Kennebunk River. Gooch’s Beach is the place to go when the weather worsens and the surf gets too rough for swimmers but is ideal for intrepid surfers. At most other times, it is great for swimming or catching rides on waves. Portable bathrooms are available.

Location: on Beach Avenue, off Routes 9 and 35.

Mother’s Beach

Tucked in a sheltered cove at the southern end is Mother’s Beach, a perfect sand beach, which is the smallest of the Kennebunk Beaches, at 750 feet. With a playground right on the beach and gentle waves, it is a popular choice for families with youngsters. Lifeguards are on duty from 9 AM to 5 PM at Mother’s and Gooch’s beaches. No food is available, but the stores of Lower Village are about a half mile away.

Location: on the west end of Beach Avenue, off Routes 9 and 35.


On-street parking alongside any of the Kennebunk beaches is by permit only from June 15 to September 15 during the day from 9 AM to 5 PM. For more information on where to purchase parking permits, please ask our front desk. Alternatively, you may catch the trolley and ask to be dropped off at the beach.


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