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US Hotels is a privately owned hospitality company focused on developing, acquiring, operating and managing diverse leisure properties and real estate. US Hotels is constantly expanding its collection of hotels, restaurants and other real estate interests which include commercial and residential property, retail premises and marinas. Our future plans include ownership of properties that will be managed by some of the world’s leading hospitality brands.

US Hotels’ ‘Signature Hotels’ represent the best of breed across a number of service categories from luxury hotels and spas to family lodgings. Our Signature hotels are designed to be spirited, fun, refined and always memorable. Our ‘Elite’ hotels offer world class accommodation, cuisine and service. The guest experience is sophisticated, transporting and ultimately, unforgettable.

Our ultimate parent company, the Libra Group, is a family owned conglomerate with global interests spanning real estate, hospitality, transportation, energy and private equity. Libra has hospitality interests in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. It works with international hospitality brands including Starwood, Hyatt and Relais & Chateaux as well as operating its own European luxury hotel group, Grace Hotels.

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The history of the famous Barn…
Like many historic buildings, The White Barn Inn has undergone a series of changes over the years. However, unlike many properties, it has had only five owners since the turn of the century. Summer boarders as far back as the Civil War days found their way to the old Boothby Boarding House later owned and managed by the Boothby daughter, Cora Toothaker, who added to the old farmhouse until it became a small successful Hotel.

Cora also built an annex beside the main building to accommodate the many friends of her guests who wanted to come to the then named Forest Hill House in the fall of 1937. New cottages with precious private baths were built shortly thereafter to accommodate more families with children. The main house was remodeled in 1941 to provide added comfort and pleasure for the visitors, as guests often stayed for the entire summer. Guests were summoned to the dining room by the ringing of the dinner bell, an announcement that good food was prepared and waiting.

The original barn, attached to the main house, at one time housed the livestock, horses and chickens to allow the working farm to carry on its daily existence. With the advent of modernization the barn went into disuse, providing at various times storage, becoming the kitchen as expansion for dining was made, and even providing lodging for the boys who came to work for the summer. The girls, of course, were discreetly housed in May’s Annex. The barn was even an ice cream parlor for a short time.

It was not until 1973 that the restoration of the barn into a restaurant was realized. At that time the barn was carefully and accurately restored, its contents scrutinized, and those of value became the basis of the present day display loft. Not long after a second barn, which had also been part of the farm, was moved to join the original barn to expand the dining space. Through meticulous renovation and attentive restoration the Inn has evolved into the Four Diamond property with a Five Diamond restaurant that is today.

The White Barn Inn Relais & Châteaux continually strives to surpass guests’ needs and offer world-class service. In keeping with this philosophy, numerous amenities await guests throughout our 27 rooms and beautifully landscaped grounds.

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